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Genesis Radon 710 virtual 7.1 USB 103dB gaming headset

Genesis Radon 710 virtual 7.1 USB 103dB gaming headset
Merk: Genesis
Model: Genesis-Radon-710-virtual-7.1-USB-headset
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Genesis Radon 710 virtual 7.1 USB 103dB gaming headset

Gedetailleerde productinformatie kunt u hier terug vinden:

Sound system: Real 7.1
Sound pressure level: 103 dB
Speaker diameter: 40 mm
Frequency Response: 20 – 20000 Hz
Impendance: 32 Ω
Microphone: Yes
Connector: USB
Cable Length: 200 cm
Backlight: Red

Do you want to feel like you’re on a real battlefield? The Radon 710 will give you that chance. The device’s components facilitate immersion and realism of your gaming experience, creating unforgettable memories.

The Radon 710 is based on the Virtual 7.1 surround sound system. This way the user will hear even the slightest sound and define the direction it is coming from. Additionally, the earpads isolate all noise from the outside and the inbuilt sound card allows the user to change the audio parameters.

People can talk for hours about the quality of sound, but the Radon 710 has the numbers to prove its superiority: wide 20 – 20 000 Hz frequency response, a speaker sensitivity rating of 103 dB as well as large, high quality 40 mm transducers with a neodymium magnet.

The gamer needs to communicate with other players during a match. This is why the Radon 710 is equipped with a -34 dB sensitivity microphone and 100 – 10 KHz frequency.

Each gamer knows that a twisting cord can cause a lot of grief. This is why the Radon 710 is free from this issue and is damage-resistant at the same time. The cable is long enough (200 cm) to free the user from sitting stiffly in front of their gaming rig.


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